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The steering committee of the MSR conference provides general guidance and direction for the MSR conference and selects future GC and PC Chairs. The composition of the steering committee is as follows:

Example: The PC chair of MSR 2011 would rotate off at the end of the meeting at MSR 2014

MSR Steering Committee (as of April 2024)

To contact the Steering Committee, please send an email to msr-sc (at) googlegroups (dot) com

Name Member Status
Bram Adams MSR 2025 GC, MSR 2019 PC, Election 2016
Alberto Bacchelli MSR 2024 PC, Election 2018
Olga Baysal MSR 2025 PC
Kelly Blincoe MSR 2021 PC
Eleni Constantinou MSR 2024 PC
David Lo MSR 2022 GC
Shane McIntosh MSR 2022 PC
Mei Nagappan MSR 2021 PC, Election 2017
Nicole Novielli MSR 2022 PC
Ayushi Rastogi MSR 2025 PC
Gregorio Robles MSR 2021 GC
Emad Shihab MSR 2023 GC, Election 2018
Diomidis Spinellis MSR 2024 GC, Election 2016
Patanamon (Pick) Thongtanunam MSR 2023 PC
Bogdan Vasilescu MSR 2023 PC
Thomas Zimmermann SC Chair, MSR 2010 PC, MSR 2011 PC, MSR 2013 GC

MSR Steering Committee Alumni (as of April 2024)

Name Member Status
Christian Bird Election 2020, MSR 2016 PC
Georgios Gousios MSR 2020 PC, Election 2017
Sonia Haiduc MSR 2019 PC
Emily Hill MSR 2018 PC
Abram Hindle Election 2020, MSR 2017 PC
Yasutaka Kamei MSR 2018 PC
Foutse Khomh Election 2019
Sunghun Kim MSR 2020 GC, MSR 2014 PC, MSR 2013 PC
Sarah Nadi MSR 2020 PC
Peggy Storey MSR 2019 GC
Xin Xia Election 2019
Andy Zaidman MSR 2018 GC
Jesus M. Gonzalez Barahona MSR 2017 GC
Lin Tan MSR 2017 PC
Max Di Penta MSR 2012 PC, MSR 2013 PC, MSR 2015 GC
Ahmed Hassan Invited 2015, MSR 2004, MSR 2005, MSR 2006, MSR 2008
Gail Murphy Invited 2015
Martin Pinzger MSR 2014 PC, MSR 2015 PC
Romain Robbes MSR 2015 PC, MSR 2016 PC
Miryung Kim MSR 2016 GC
Michele Lanza MSR 2007 PC, MSR 2008 PC, MSR 2012 GC
Tao Xie MSR 2011 PC, MSR 2012 PC
Audris Mockus MSR 2004, MSR 2010 GC
Ric Holt MSR 2004, MSR 2005
Katsuro Inoue MSR 2009 GC
Stephan Diehl MSR 2005, MSR 2006
Harald Gall MSR 2006, MSR 2007 PC
Mike Godfrey MSR 2008 PC, MSR 2009 PC
Jim Whitehead MSR 2009 PC, MSR 2010 PC