Mining Software Repositories

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Welcome to the International Conference on Mining Software Repositories! The Mining Software Repositories (MSR) field analyzes the rich data available in software repositories to uncover interesting and actionable information about software systems and projects. The goal of this two-day conference is to advance the science and practice of MSR.

Upcoming confererences

MSR 2026, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
MSR 2025, Ottawa, Canada
MSR 2024, Lisbon, Portugal

Mining Software Repositories Awards

The Mining Software Repositories community has several awards that recognize outstanding contributions.

For information on how to nominate for these awards, please visit the webpage of the current MSR conference.

FOSS Impact Award

To encourage research on understanding and improving Free, Open Source Software (FOSS), the MSR conference has established the FOSS Impact Award. The award will be granted to MSR papers that show outstanding contributions to the FOSS community.

MSR Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame collects award winners from past MSR conferences.

MSR Steering Committee

Past conferences

MSR 2023, Melbourne, Australia
MSR 2022, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
MSR 2021, Madrid, Spain (Virtual)
MSR 2020, Seoul, South Korea (Virtual)
MSR 2019, Montréal, Quebec, Canada
MSR 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden
MSR 2017, Buenos Aires, Argentina General Chair Report
MSR 2016, Austin, TX, USA
MSR 2015, Florence, Italy
MSR 2014, Hyderabad, India
MSR 2013, San Francisco, CA, USA
MSR 2012, Zurich, Switzerland
MSR 2011, Honolulu, HI, USA
MSR 2010, Cape Town, South Africa
MSR 2009, Vancouver, BC, Canada
MSR 2008, Leipzig, Germany
MSR 2007, Minneapolis, MN, USA
MSR 2006, Shanghai, China
MSR 2005, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
MSR 2004, Edinburgh, UK

Impact and value of MSR publications

MSR in ranked A in the CORE ranking.

For information concerning the impact and value of MSR publications, please consult this document.


Any questions about the MSR conference series? Contact the MSR Steering Committee (msr-sc at googlegroups dot com) and we’ll help you sort it out.